Who Knew Chocolate Was So Amazing?

Yes, so we knew chocolate has an amazingly good flavor, and that it has lovley sugars and caffienes. But how about amazing facts? I myself am a chocoholic, and when I was digging through my old magazines, I was thrilled to find some facts on chocolate in an old February issue of “National Geographic Kids”. Here are the seven amazing facts:

  1. Legend says Aztec ruler Moctezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate a day.
  2. There are about 1,000 chocolate chips in a pound.
  3. A hundred-year-old chocolate bar sold for nearly $700.
  4. Hershey’s Kisses were probably named for the puckering sound made by the machine that first produced the candy.
  5. The average American eats more than 12 pounds of chocolate a year. That’s as heavy as some bowling balls!
  6. Maine is home to a 1,700-pound chocolate moose named Lenny.
  7. A record-setting box of chocolates had 90,090 individual chocolates.

Thanks to National Geographic Kids for bringing those very informative facts about chocolate to us!


2 responses to “Who Knew Chocolate Was So Amazing?

  1. I LOVE CHOCOLATE! It is my FAVORITE! I admit that I am quite a bit obsessed….

  2. Especially in the late afternoon – just a little pick-me-up to get through the day.

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