A Late Happy Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, this Valentine”s Day greeting is a bit late, on account of the fact that I have been horribly sick  for the past few days and am only now well enough for my parents to let me off the sofa. Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day to all! Around here, the celebrations have been minimal due to my illness, but we all got cards, candy and books and everyone  is satisfied. My mom gave my dad a giant Cupid made out of chocolate! I am quite jealous of that, but I should be happy because I got a good sized heart-shaped box of candy and I didn’t get my parents anything.  🙂


3 responses to “A Late Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. A chocolate cupid? YUM!

  2. We sent you a Valentine..did it not count?

  3. Granny Barb: Yes, that Valentine certainly did count~Thank you! I was only mentioning the celebrations between my parents and I, but right now I’ll add something to the post: We also got various cards in the mail from friends and relatives. Thanks to all who sent them! 😉

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