Ice Skates Are My Enemy II

As you know from a previous post, I don’t enjoy ice skating. Well, today I went on an honor roll field trip to a local ice rink. The only reason I went is because I’ll take any chance I can to get out of school.

I suppose it wasn’t THAT much of a disaster; Clinging to the wall, I manage two and a half trips around the rink, then nearly collapsed outside the rink. Even now, hours after I got off the ice, I’m still trembling like Jell-o in a wind storm.


3 responses to “Ice Skates Are My Enemy II

  1. You didn’t do that bad Allegra!!At least you got around the whole rink!!!!!Anyway it was only your first time.

  2. When I was a kid, there was a place here in town called The Collosseum. To me, that meant skating rink. In reality, it was a big center where they had ice, but like the Boston Garden, they covered it or melted it and had other events. Anyway, until I was in 5th grade, it was our winter activity. As I recall, I had become pretty good at skating- that means I could stand on my own and not crash. No figure skating for me. I have not put on a pair of ice skates since then. I think I would just die! That’s why I don’t go on that honor roll trip as a chaperone!

  3. I think you did really good! It was your first time right? Don’t beat yourself up about it, you did great. šŸ˜€

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