An Interesting Mushroom

I just discovered an awesome website,, where you can get lots of cool photos for free. While surfing photos, I found this lovely picture of a mushroom by a photographer called Nicky Jacobs. It looks like the kind of mushroom you could find a fairy sitting on…it’s much too lovely to be stepped on!

Photo by Nicky Jacobs,

Photo by Nicky Jacobs,


4 responses to “An Interesting Mushroom

  1. what a cute mushroom! i’m always afraid to step on those “powder puff” ones, in case i breathe in the spores.

  2. This is definitely a mushroom where a fairy would be sitting on. It looks like one out of books, being so perfect.

  3. Wow that is the coolest thing I’ve seen! I can’t imagine what I’d do if I saw that in real life! Just walking along and poof there’s a beautiful mushroom!

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