Summer Blog?

I’ve been thinking about making a blog just for my summer vacations. It might be a bit like a glorified journal recording my various adventures. Summers are ALWAYS eventful (aren’t they?), so I don’t think the blog would be too boring.

I’d like your opinions about this idea…Do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not? I’m like to know so I can plan ahead and expand my readership.


3 responses to “Summer Blog?

  1. Hi. i think that that would be great. it would be good because a lot of people would like to here about the things you do over the summer

  2. Hey! I agree with Alex! That would be great! A lot of kids are bored to death during summer vacation, they just don’t like to admit it!

  3. P.S. Everyone feels like they have to have places to go and people to see…. It is ridiculous!

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