Queen of the Quahogs

Yesterday, our area was blessed with a breath of spring: 50 degree weather, a gentle breeze, and a cloudless sky. Knowing that this weather wouldn’t last for long, my family decided to take advantage of it and go clam digging at my great-uncle’s beach. At low tide, the mud flats are vast and rich in mussels, softshell clams, razor clams, and, most prized, quahogs. Though among the easiest clams to find, some quahogs’ shells contain a rich purple coloration; these quahog shells were extremely valuable to the Native Americans in the area.

Anyway, donning my rainboots and grabbing my clam rake, I followed my parents down the rock floodwall and to the tidal flats. Digging around,we found clams of all varieties. We gathered enough to have a whole supper of steamed clams and make a chowder. I willingly participated, finding several large quahogs, a stubborn razor clam, and picking mussels. I also, to my disgust, unearthed several nests of red, writhing worms that would make wonderful fish bait but nothing much else. Back to quahogs…I found enough quahogs to earn the nickname “Queen of the Quahogs”. Personally, I didn’t think I looked much like a queen, with soaked jeans instead of a gown and a muddy rake for a scepter. Oh well.


5 responses to “Queen of the Quahogs

  1. Wow Allegra- this has nothing to do with Quahogs but I see your clustermap and see that it’s loaded with visits from around the world! You go! I love your blog and I am so pleased to see that you added my blog to your blog!

    You are a great writer- you must love language arts! I thought I was reading an adult’s blog when I first stumbled upon yours! I am quite impressed and amused with the way you word things!

    I don’t have good memories of quahog chowder from when I was a kid. My mother and aunt made it very thin, not nice and thick like a chowder should be.

  2. frenchymms –Wow! Thank you so much for the compliments! I’m very glad that you like my blog and my writing; I do enjoy Language Arts! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Allegra- It’s hard to beat real clam chowder made with fresh clams – I’m jealous! Since the land is yet to come to life this spring, we are all lucky to have our beautiful ocean to assist in providing a salt water treat or two.


  4. Mmmmm chowder! I love it!

  5. -Wow- I would be grossed out to eat something that I SAW living! You are a brave soldier! All hail Allerga the Mighty and Brave!

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