A DI Tournament Without Stress?

For the past three years, I have participated in a creative problem solving program called Destination Imagination. This program gives kids several months to complete a “challenge”; after the months pass, the teams of kids come to a tournament where they are given scores, possibly ribbons, and if they place first, they will move on to a higher level tournament.

Anyway, this year I did not participate in this program, but my mom was judging, so my dad and I went over to the local high school to see the teams performing their solutions to the challenges. My mom left at the crack of dawn to help set up the tourney, but my dad and I took a more leisurely approach–it IS Saturday, after all.

We got there and saw lots of elementary, middle, and high school teams performing their solutions. From cardboard airplanes to costumes made out of Duct tape, the place was a motley scene to behold. One skit involved a millionaire rapper stealing ancient treasures from the rain forest. Another had a very smart little pig tricking the Big Bad Wolf into entering his house, which then went up in a puff of baby powder, er, “smoke”.


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