Airborne Beanie Babies

I’m sure everyone has had a teacher that loves let’s-kill-Friday activities. My science teacher is like that, and a few days ago, we had some extra time and she decided we should play the extreme version of “toss the Beanie Baby”. It works like this: Everyone stands in a circle, and the person starting gets a regular Beanie Baby from the teacher. This person greets someone across from them, e.g., “Hi, Arthur” and when ‘Arthur’ says “Hi” back, he or she can toss it to them. It continues like this until everyone has been greeted. Now comes the extreme part: The teacher adds a few extra Beanie Babies, and everyone has to silently toss them to the same person they tossed to in the first round. Huge amounts of Beanie Babies in all shapes and sizes are added until their is an airborne Beanie Baby for every person in the circle.

Yes, it gets chaotic. Yes, Beanie Babies get damaged. Yes, it can take up a whole class period. But it’s worth it! My science teacher has a huge collection of Beanie Babies and other stuffed critters, and it gets really interesting. In the game we played a few days ago, you could have a regular kitty in your hand one second, a tiny whale the next, and then an oversized, earringed gorilla! And when you turn your head around and realize someone has just whipped a little purple monkey at you, you’re probably going to embarrass yourself and drop it; Yes, readers, that most certainly happened to me.


One response to “Airborne Beanie Babies

  1. That game was soooo fun! But one factor made me sad….. There is another game we played with the beanie babies… Similar, but tear-jiggering. Here’s how it works…
    Everyone sits in a circle and as Allegra says, greets a person and waits for a response so the may pass the beanie baby. This time though you chuck it at the floor and let it slide to the designated person. (Yes, this is the reason that most of the stuffed animals contain only one eye left.) As the stuffies increase population, they end up flying all over! It’s a fun game and contains much thrill, but I feel bad for the beanie babies.

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