Earth Hour: Did You Turn Out The Lights?

Yesterday (March 28)  from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, was “Earth Hour”; For Earth Hour, everyone was supposed to turn out their lights, timezone by timezone. My family turned off our lights and electronics and sat in the living room in the dark for an hour. Fun, right? Actually, it was, knowing that we were contributing to the saving of our planet. None of our neighbors turned off their lights, and the streetlights and business lights were all on. I think that our area should have formally participated. I was reading online that all across the globe, cities “were plunging into darkness for Earth Hour” ( I’m not saying that we (as an area) don’t do anything green, we just don’t give as much of an effort as everyone else seems to be giving.

Anyway, let’s all give three cheers for greenness and do our part!


5 responses to “Earth Hour: Did You Turn Out The Lights?

  1. Hi Allegra,
    Thanks for the comment. I wish I had known about Earth Hour. I would have definately participated but I didn’t because I had no idea that it was Earth Hour. Now I feel bad that I didn’t participate. Well, there are other things that I can do to help the Earth. Keep in touch.

  2. UGH I totally forgot!!! I am an eco-conscious greeny so I am always turning off things that don’t need to be on. Instead, I was a vegetable in front of the tv watching a very cheesy movie. I can’t believe I forgot!!!

  3. If I knew about earth hour then i would have done it but trying to convince the rest of the fam would not be easy!

  4. I participated in ” earth hour” this year! It is so amazing how the world comes together like that! 😛

  5. My neighbors didn’t either, because last year i told them about it and they didn’t know. Oh well. I am also eco- conscious too, and proud of it! 😛

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