Happy Easter!

I apologize for this greeting being late, readers; I’ve been very busy. Anyway, a belated happy Easter to one and all! Hope it was a good one! I didn’t do much for Easter. I woke up at about 5:00 AM to open my Easter basket which contained chocolate, Mad Libs, note cards, and soap. I had given up dessert, sweets, and junk food for Lent (Lent is the religious season held in the forty days before Easter. Many people choose to give up something during this time.), so I was sorely tempted to eat the chocolate right then and there, but I stayed my hand (and my stomach!). We went to an Easter service, then came home and ate our Easter brunch of dyed eggs and homemade cinnamon toast, yum! 😀 We had dyed the eggs the previous day, dipping them in hot, vinegary, colored water. Doesn’t seem so appealing then, but when you peel them and eat them with a little salt and pepper, yum again; my chicken’s eggs are delicious! Later we had traditional Easter supper and chocolate cake afterward. Why am I talking about food?….It’s making me hungry! So much chocolate on the brain…


2 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy beladed Easter Allegra

    I just wanted to tell you that me and morgyn are making a blog with videos of us. We just talk about random stuff. We are trying to make it funny. It’s called KAYOO. right now it doesn’t have much on it but it will soon. If u want to see it go to http//mojo-kay.blogspot.com and leave a comment if you’d like. See ya after vacation.


  2. sorry i wrote the addrest wrong it’s http://mojo-kay.blogspot.com


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