Happy May Day!

Yes, readers, today actually IS a holiday; May Day, the first of May, was traditionally the first day of summer. Now a rather forgotten holiday, I thought I’d bring it back to light.

Signs of spring are all around where I live: Being able to where a t-shirt outside, flowers, birdsong, and dead worms on the sidewalk…well, there ARE dead worms on the sidewalk, and they usually appear in the spring! Nearly my whole yard is covered with bright yellow flowers, and the grass is turning green again. At the end of my driveway there’s one lonely little red tulip. It brightens the day as I go out to the bus stop, but I wish it had some companions–then both of us would be happier! 😀


2 responses to “Happy May Day!

  1. Hey Allegra. I like purple too. You want your room to be blue, green, and brown. That would be cool! I guess that is why your blog is like this. I never knew there was a May Day! That is very interesting! Well… HAPPY MAY DAY!

  2. You should plant one next to it! Or a little buttercup ~

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