Arugula: An Exotic Vegetable Revealed

First of all, I apologize again for my lack of posting in the past week. Second of all, on a lighter note, this blog has topped 1,100 hits! 😀 Third of all, the real post…

I’m not sure if all of my readers around the world consider arugula an exotic vegetable, but here in the United States, where I live, few people except for fancy chefs know of the lovely veggie know as arugula. Yes, many people would consider it strange to enjoy a vegetable enough to write a whole post about it, but, well, this food is quite interesting.

For those who do not yet know, arugula is an herb-like vegetable that looks very similar to dandelion leaves. It has a bitter flavor (I know most of you are now saying, “Yuck! Who would want to eat that?!”) with a nutty aftertaste, which is not very delicious alone. But it’s great in salad, sandwiches, and even for a snack with a little olive oil or ranch dressing on top. I encourage you to go out, buy some arugula seeds, and plant it yourself; if you live in an area that isn’t good for gardening, head over  to the store sometime and give it a go!

I apologize for the lameness of this post, but I am running late and needed something to say!


One response to “Arugula: An Exotic Vegetable Revealed

  1. I commend you for trying fresh vegetables, and more so for writing about them. My impression is that most youth would be more interested in comparing the quality of this or that franchise’s fries or mega-plex’s popcorn butter than arugula! May your thought help influence some of your peers toward a fuller appreciation of tastes and healthier eating habits.

    I grew up in a suburban neighborhood with lawns, trees, and shrubs around swimming pools (in what would become Silicone Valley). I vowed that I would never become a slave to a yard. After college, I moved to NYC. Wouldn’t you know I would join the Neighbor Beautification group, tend to the measly four foot wide space of dirt around the apartment complex and help plant and maintain flowers around the street trees (I actually took a certification course to be allowed to prune street trees in NYC)? Now I live in the Appalachian Mountains surrounded by 3 acres of gardens and goat fields, and many more acres of forest.

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