Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, readers! I’m back from Maine and ready to continue blogging. I had a great time in Maine–lots of adventure! We drove up to our cabin (it took at least 4 and 1/2 hours), and confronted something as soon as we stepped out of the car: a squished frog! Bleugh! Other than that, the place was in good shape: first of all, the place was still there (always a good sign), and the roof hadn’t caved in. The dock was fully intact and rearing to go, the pond showed no signs of flooding, and the kayaks hadn’t been stolen. The inside was perfectly fine as well. I was happy to revisit the upstairs bedroom (dubbed “The Lair”) and get settled into mini-vacation mode. The rest of the evening involved getting the water pump started, grocery shopping (we picked up a copy of Uncle Andy’s Digest, so get ready for some side-splitting posts in the future), and having a camp dinner of hamburgers and chocolate cookies for dessert; the cookies are a tradition of ours, all gathered round the wood stove with little plates full of cookies and glasses of milk.

The next day, we got up to a blazing fire (courtesy of my early-rising father), and some cereal and toast. The morning was just lazing around, then after lunch we went shopping at the local flea market and a nearby shoe store! The shoe store yielded a pair of sneakers each for my mom and I, which I am immensely happy about! 🙂 At the flea market, I not-so-patiently waited while my mom painstakingly went through the booths searching for unbelievable finds. I was waiting for my favorite booth, one filled with magical paraphernalia. When we finally got to it, I discovered the place had been gutted and filled with sports junk! Not one to lose hope, I dug through it all and found a few traces of its fantastical history, and snagged a small glass bottle labeled “Dragon’s Blood” and filled with scented oil. We stopped for ice cream on the way back to the cabin, and the rest of the evening was rather the same as the last.

Today was our last day there, and I tried to take advantage of it. I read quite a lot in the cosy cabin living room, and went on a solo kayak trip across the lake. The vacation was over all to soon. But we’ll be coming  back right after school ends, in about three or four weeks. Can’t wait!


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