Some Interesting Tidbits

I’ve dicovered some interesting keyboard-code tidbits to make fun symbols when typing. It’s fun to use them to spice up posts and comments…have fun!

Alt+1  ☺

Alt+2 ☻

Alt+3 ♥

Alt+4 ♦

Alt+5 ♣

Alt+6 ♠

Alt+7 •

Alt+8 ◘

Alt+9 ○

Alt+10 ◙

Alt+11 ♂

Alt+12 ♀

Alt+13 ♪

Alt+14 ♫

Alt+15 ☼


Alt+ 17 ◄

Alt+18 ↕

Alt+19 ‼

Alt+20 ¶

Alt+21 §

Alt+22 ▬

Alt+23 ↨


Alt+25 ↓

Alt+26 →

Alt+27 ←

Alt+28 ∟

Alt+29 ↔

Alt+30 ▲

Alt+31 ▼

 After that, it’s all technical stuff and keyboard shortcuts. Keep experimenting, and post if you discover something else that is a fun little image!

4 responses to “Some Interesting Tidbits

  1. :*( I can’t figure out how to use them…. *sigh*

  2. those are interesting

  3. wow allerga have you seen how many people have gone on your blog!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Amanda: I’m sorry, I neglected to mention the fact that you had to use the little ‘calculator’ pad at the right-hand side of the keyboard. I apologize for my carelessness.

    Alexandra: Yes, I have seen the number of hits I’ve been getting! 😀 Isn’t it awesome? Thanks to everyone who’s visited ~ and keep on posting!

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