Do you think this is a waste of time and money?

A few weeks ago the local government of my area did something horribly wasteful, in my opinion. Every 0.2 of a mile, all the way along the highway that runs for miles and miles through my state, a sign marking what mile you are on exactly has been posted. For example, at mile 72.6, there will be a sign saying “Mile 72.6”, and then “Mile 72.8”, etc.

I suppose they figure if your car broke down and you needed to call emergency services, you could tell them exactly where you are. But how will the police know where to turn onto the highway to find “mile 46.4” is (unless they have amazingly high-tech GPS systems) ? The country is a little short of money right now, and I don’t think this was a wildly constructive way to spend our limited funds. What’s your opinion?


4 responses to “Do you think this is a waste of time and money?

  1. Thanks for the comment! do you have plans for these holidays?
    have a nice day! and kisses from Argentina 😀

  2. The first time I noticed this, I thought I was imagining things. I think it’s the craziest thing they could have done. For years, when people had an accident or breakdown, they could say they were between mile marker x and y but now they can get it down the .2 I think it’s convenient but I agree that it’s a strange thing to spend money on when there are things in this state that need the money more.

  3. Hey Allegra, thanks for putting a comment on my blog!!! That’s soo cool that you have chickens for pets!!! I think it is a waste of money like you said!!!

  4. I can understand every mile (for those who breaks down), but every 0.2! That is going a bit overboard and I agree with you that it’s also wasteful.

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