Henges and Cairns (AKA Ancient Piles of Rocks)

Some of the world’s greatest mysteries include those surrounding how ancient people accomplished things we could barely do today, such as building the Great Pyramids of El Giza, Egypt. There are many theories, and none are exactly proven right or wrong. Some simply say ‘Aliens!”

stonehenge2Lately, I’ve become quite interested in the cairns and henges of Britain and France; These are monuments and standing stones made of huge rocks, created by such primitive people as the Picts and the Gauls. Most likely the most renouned of these is Stonehenge, a circle of standing stones in Stonehenge, England that is surrounded by an earthmound and ditch. This monument is believed to have been erected in about 2400-2200 BCE.The amazing thing about this circle is that it is nearly perfectly aligned with the sunset on the summer solstice. It was almost certainly a sacred place of worship for the Druids and other ancient pagan traditions.

Another fascinating style of monument is the cairns of Scotland (there are many of these). These are large piles of rocks that usually have shafts going straight to the center and were most likely used as burial mounds. The shafts going to the center are positioned so that the last rays of sunlight on the cairn2winter solstice shine straight to the heart of the tomb where the corpses and their treasures would be kept (can’t you here tingly, mournful Celtic music when you think of that?)!


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