Review: Perloo The Bold

This is the review for the book I recently re-read: Perloo The Bold by Avi. Enjoy!

Perloo The Bold by Avi

Copyright 1998, Scholostic Inc.

Perloo is a shy member of the rabbit-like Montmer tribe wperloo the bold coverho would rather sit in his burrow and read than get involved in politics. But when he recieves a summons from Jolaine, the dieing Montmer leader, he gets very involved with politics: He is chosen as Jolaine’s successor instead of her only cub Berwig. When jolaine dies, Berwig accuses Perloo of her murder. Now Perloo must escape Berwig’s wrath, survive the greatest blizzard in Montmer memory, and even stop a war ~ With only the help of the first assistent of the late Jolaine, Lucabara. How will he do it? And what will become of Berwig? The only way to find out: Read the book! This is a charming animal fantasy that will leave you feeling satisfied and enlightened.

Rating: 3.5 stars.

Praise for Perloo The Bold:

“Avi flexes his creative muscles again [with] a book that fits in the ‘fun’ category… This fantasy/advebture offers a sharp satire on political greed… An exciting, suspenseful, and witty tale.” — Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“The action is quick, and those pre-Redwall readers who have a yen for animal fantasy will be happy to come along.” — BCCB

“Avi has brought these creatures and their world to life in a fast-paced, compelling read. Younger fans of Redwall will especially enjoy this story. — VOYA

“Theatrical dialogue, good guys (and a girl) to root for, a migh-minded but firm-footed theme, and tons of action.” — The Horn Book

First sentence of Perloo The Bold: Thickly falling snow, tossed and turned by wailing winds, filled the air with streaky blurs of white and gray.

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5 responses to “Review: Perloo The Bold

  1. Avi used to be one of my favorite authors! Have you read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?

    Allegra: Yes, I have read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Allegra, this is Caroline. I read a book in school called Poppy last year by Avi. It was very good and my whole class got so into it.

  3. Great! I also stop at the bookstore , what kind of books do you read? 🙂

    Allegra: I looove fantasy, and I barely read anything else!

  4. Hi Allegra,
    nice review! I found your comment on Pri and Stephie’s blog.
    Check out my blog, I also love reading.

  5. Hi Allegra!
    Back in Mrs. Close’s class in 5th grade this was one of the books that I had to read in the bookgroup for advanced readers. I thought it was very good,an amusing and interesting read.

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