Another Day, Another Milestone

Well, readers, today we’ve met a large milestone in the history of Here’s To Us: Together we’ve topped 2,000 hits! I’m so glad that we met the challenge that’s been looming ahead for weeks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my faithful commenters; You’ve really helped this blog become what it is today. Okay, now I’m sounding like someone giving a Miss America speech, but really, thanks! Everyone who’s ever visited helped out. Let’s see the official stats on this big event:

  • 92 posts
  • 352 tags
  • 7 categories
  • 8 months covered
  • 3 reading challenges completed (check out the current one here!)
  • Busiest day: Sunday, March 8, 2009 with 89 hits

And finally, here’s a feedback question for you: What’s your favorite thing about blogging/this blog? For example: Reading posts, checking out the blogroll, leaving comments, meeting new people, etc. Thanks for all of your answers!


One response to “Another Day, Another Milestone

  1. Congratulations Allegra!
    Your blog is flourishing!

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