Weekly Geeks: Second Chances

I recently decided to participate in a bookish online group called Weekly weekly geeks buttonGeeks in which every week you have the option to write a post about a theme presented by the administrators. This week’s theme was called Second Chances (rereading, rewatching, or relistening books, movies or music that you didn’t originally enjoy).

About a year ago, I read Greyfax Grimwald by Niel Hancock; I found it at a discount book warehouse. Itgreyfax grimwald cover looked interesting (I know, never judge a book by its cover) and it was a fantasy, so I figured, What do I have to lose? It IS my favorite genre…. But I was very dissapointed. It was slow-moving and followed a classic theme without any sign of originality. In one instance, I even recall that the author used at least two paragraphs describing the dusting of a shelf. Ugh. After pushing myself to get through it, I managed to complete it without falling asleep, amazingly. Now that I look back on it, perhaps I should have enjoyed how much effort the author put into the reader feeling immersed in the story. I’m thinking about rereading it, when I have nothing else to read. Luckily, packrat that I am, I kept the book in my shelf dispite my utter disgust.

To expand on the Second Chances theme, I need to share how I gave the afterglow album coversinger Sarah McLachlan a second try. My mom enjoys her music, and she used to listen to it in the car a lot. I complained as often as I dared, thinking that McLachlan was only whining. Anyway, I was looking for some new music for my MP3 player and decided to download my mom’s Afterglow album. I listened to it while on a long drive, and now I love it. Amazing how tastes can change!


One response to “Weekly Geeks: Second Chances

  1. Greyfax Grimwald does have a neat cover…it’d probably have fooled me too 😛 I can’t help but to judge books by their covers sometimes. I hope it turns out to be better on a second try!

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