Quarters and Pennies and Nickels (Oh my!)

Every year at my house, there comes a time that I dread — Coin-rolling season. I gather all the stray coins in my house and sort them into pennies, quarters, dimes, and nickels ~ All ready to be put into rolls.This, as you may guess, is a quite tedious task, as each coin roll has to have a certain amount of each coin; For example, 50 pennies make a penny roll. Ugh.

At least I do gather the fruits of my labors, as often I get a portion of the coinage, changed to cash at the bank, for spending money. Still though, what with the sticky weather we’ve been having, it’s not very enjoyable to sit in the stuffy living room and count out numbers of tiny metal disks, having to start over if I loose track… The real climax of this strange tale, readers, is how often we don’t have enough rolls of a certain type for all of the coins. The main coin we accumulate is the quarter. But, to my dismay, absolutely no quarter rolls were to be found this time around.

Actually, now that I think about it, this is really a pleasant development. I’ll get to take a nice, air-conditioned and music-listening car trip to Staples, and then I can hang out in there while we look for the coin-roll section. 🙂 This isn’t so bad after all!


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