Google ~ Search Engine or Verb?

Hello, readers! At the moment I’m a bit short of ideas, so I just thought I’d post this quick little blurb to let you know I’m still here.  On to the post…

We all know about Google, probably one of the most well-known search engines on the Internet. But have you ever realized that folks use it as a verb now-a-days? For example, if you mention something interesting, they’ll say, “Oh, I’ll have to Google it and find out more!” Or they’ll start a conversation by saying, “Well I was Googling the other day and…” I notice that people will sometimes say that even when they’re using a different search engine, such as Yahoo! or I suppose this is because it’s more smooth and even sounding to say “Googled” then “Yahoo-ed”. Was it just me, or was Google added to the dictionary recently? Hmm, I’ll have to Google that! 😉


2 responses to “Google ~ Search Engine or Verb?

  1. Hey hey! I was looking around and I came across this It’s a movie based on the Percy Jackson books you so highly recommend! It looks intriguing…

  2. Yes, when we first started noticing people using nouns as verbs, we’d say that the noun had been “verbed”. Think of all the things we say like that: I’ll google it, Do you facebook? Email it to me.

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