A nice message and not much else

Yes readers, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is a book review; I just decided to use more creative titles for my reviews than “Review: [insert book title here]”. I read this book as a research project, so to speak, since it was written by girl about my age, and I’m currently writing a novel.


Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan

Copyright 2007, HarperCollins

swordbird coverTurnatt, a fierce hawk tyrant, is working to make Stone-Run Forest his empire. Employing crows and ravens as an army and capturing smaller songbirds to use as slaves, he begins the construction of Fortress Glooming, where he and his army are to reside. Turnatt believes that he is unstoppable. But the many slaves he keeps have been planning an escape; a young, brave robin called Miltin is chosen to set the plan in motion.

Meanwhile, the cardinal and blue jay tribes of Stone-Run have become enemies, each believing the other has stolen from them. In reality, the thief was Turnatt. A certain young blue jay named Aska meets Miltin and brings him back to her tribe. Because of Miltin’s arrival with the truth about Turnatt, the fighting stops between the two tribes. But there is till the matter of Turnatt.

Swordbird has a simple, straightforward plot, and the narrative weaves in and out of heavy description, sometimes so much that it gives the reader a bit of a headache. Humor that isn’t very funny at all doesn’t help the matter. However, a clear and poignant message does shine through.

Rating: 2 stars

For more information visit http://swordbird.googlepages.com .


One response to “A nice message and not much else

  1. Hi Allegra!
    Another book coincidence!!!!! I read this book about 2 weeks ago after finding it in the library. I agree it wasn’t that great but the message was good. I also read this book because the author was our age when she wrote it and because I am also working on a novel!

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