When Summer’s Gone…

…and all the roses falling…♫♪ Recognize those lyrics, readers? (The title’s part of it to, FYI). It’s from Danny Boy, a classic Celtic song. Anyways, this post’s basically a general update, probably a good idea, since it’s now September (and there’s been a recent influx of book reviews here, so I though I’d break it up)! Already?! I was totally shocked when I realized August was over. I’ll have to change my calendar. The family calendar, a freebie hanging on the refrigerator, now has lovely elephants on it. School (homeschool, in my case) will be starting soon. For the past days I’ve had to wear long pants and a fleece jacket when I bike or walk in the evenings. Even indoors, my toes start to freeze if I take off my socks or slippers!

Other signs of fall are everywhere. Thoughts of Christmas shopping have started stirring my mind. I know, it’s very early, but I like to avoid the December rush. It’s sooo nice to just take out that bag hidden in your closet and, with peace of mind, start wrapping up those gifts without having to venture out in the slushy snow. Okay, enough Christmas talk, Allegra! It’s not even Halloween! Oh, how I love Halloween…I’m thinking about throwing a party, as I’m too old to go Trick-or-Treating, but maybe I’ll just decorate and answer the door when the youngsters come around. Either way, I’ll need a costume. I was thinking about recycling an old sheet into a Greek or Roman style toga. I bet I can find an article about that in a book, magazine, or the Internet.

Well, enough fall-ish prattle for now, but trust me in this: There will be more coming as autumn progresses.


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