Bookish News Flash

Well, actually, it’s a belated bookish news flash, but it still deserves mention on a semi-book blog. Anyway, I read about this in the newspaper a month or two ago, and it jolted back into my mind when I saw a certain book in the “currently reading” widget over at the Infinite Shelf. Enough suspense ~ Let’s get on with the news, shall we?

Those famous beach reads published by Harlequin have now taken on a new wing: Harlequin Teen, a group of supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal books aimed specifically at teen girls. At the time I first heard about this development in publishing, they only had one book in print; this was My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent (left in group below). Apparently, it’s about a teenager who discovers she is a banshee. One other book is currently available: Intertwined by Gena Showalter(middle). They have Elphame’s Choice by P. C. Cast (right) lined up to be in stores this month.

my soul to take cover

elphame's choice coverintertwined cover



Complete with cheesy tag-lines and overdone covers, it’s clear that Harlequin is just trying to make some money off the supernatural boom brought on by Twilight. Even HarperCollins now has HarperTeen, which had a group of books put together and called it “Supernatural Summer”. I’m thinking about taking a go on My Soul To Take, which I believe is the first of a series. I like HarperTeen’s selections better, though. 🙂


2 responses to “Bookish News Flash

  1. Hi Allegra,

    I just wanted to drop by and mention that while I’m not sure about the other books, my title, My Soul to Take, is not intended for tweens. It’s recommended for readers 14 and up. Also, the HQTeen line is not exclusively paranormal. They also have several contemporaries and at least one sci-fi coming up, and the books in this line do not have to be romances. This is a straight teen line, not a teen romance line, or a teen paranormal line, though the first three titles are, obviously, paranormal.

    I hope you like whichever of the books you try!

  2. Rachel: Thanks for the information! The HQTeen website really doesn’t say much. I’m glad you dropped by to add some additional facts about HQTeen and your book to the post. I’ve updated a few key points to make my announcement more accurate.

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