Harbingers of Autumn

How I love autumn!

I can barely count how many times I’ve said that, but it’s bubbling out of my soul and is just begging to be said, or rather, typed. Yesterday morning I noticed with glee that the light outside was low, pure, and bright, a sure sign of autumn. I almost immediately started obsessing about Halloween. Although my favorite holiday is still a month plus away, these things need planning! Costumes, parties, decorations…Some of the very best things in life, aside from books.

But, once I think about, it’s not officially autumn yet, but very close. Let’s see…if today is the 20th of September, and autumn begins on the 22nd, then we have just two days left! And October is just ten days away!

Yesterday my dad and I had to do some yard work, mostly cutting dead branches off the trees in our front lawn. It was a shame, really, as all those claw-like, scraggly branches would have made lovely Halloween décor, but luckily Dad let me keep the ones cut off so that I could use them for decorating. I know it sounds pretty wacky, but somehow it’ll work. While working in the yard, I noticed that quite a few brownish leaves had been dropped by the trees. That means that soon we’ll be raking them up, a favorite activity of mine.

While I’m talking about autumn (don’t worry, it’s almost over), is there a particular smell that you associate with the season? I have several. Number one would probably be the mixed smells that waft up to me when I break into the little space where my family keeps candles. Most of them were purchased for fall, particularly Halloween, so they have a very pleasing scent to them. It’s hard to explain, and technology hasn’t advanced far enough that I can transfer it to you over the computer, so I’m afraid you’ll have to imagine it. Another of my top Halloween/autumn smells is the vaguely sweet, musty smell of dead leaves. I’m probably the only one in my family who finds that particular odor pleasant!


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