Nessecary Items For (Home) School Survival

I’ve been planning this post for quite a while, but only now that I’m a few weeks into homeschooling I’ve decided to post it. Anyway, here are five items that I probably couldn’t survive the transition from leisurely summer to work, work, work without. Granted, these aren’t the usual things found on “School Survival” lists, but I certainly need these, too.

  1. My trusty backpack. That old pink thing as stood by me for a good many experiences. From library books to dance shoes, it carries nearly everything for me. I keep it new with various key chains to swap.
  2. Hair detangler! My hair is crazy and impossible when I get up in the morning, but this cheap and easy to obtain liquid works like magic. I haven’t an idea how I got by without it.
  3. My squishy baseball-shaped “stress ball”. Being a visual/tactile learner, I have trouble concentrating without something for my hands to do. As a bonus, it doubles as an excercise for my fingers, preventing carpel tunnel from writing and typing.
  4. My reading chair/pillow. Remember those big, firm pillows with the arms coming out of them? Yes, I have one of those, and I use it daily for reading, doing schoolwork, listening to music, writing, and watching television. Sometimes I even sleep with it! It’s very comfortable and convenient.
  5. The bulletin board hanging on my closet door. It’s pretty big, but I have a lot of stuff to put on it! I keep a calendar, a copy of my school schedule, a note or letter or two, a picture or craft of mine, a poster, and a comic strip cut from the newspaper pinned up. It keeps me organized and smiling day after day.

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