Weekly Geeks: Making A List?

Wow, it’s time for another Weekly Geeks post already! How the time flies. This week, in honor of the upcoming holidays, I presume, the team asks us some questions about books as gifts, for both ourselves and others.

 I don’t tend to ask for books, literally. But bookstore gift cards nearly always find their way into packages for me, whether I ask or not. But usually I do ask. 🙂 I just love the whole gift card concept. Occasionally, I’ll ask for a specific book. But I’ve never said, “Oh, whatever you find…” It might be fun to do that someday, though, and see what I get. Like potluck, only different.

Books seem to make really good gifts for others. I’ve gotten books for friends, and for a relative this year (I won’t tell who, in case they’re reading my blog!!). I most often choose books that seem to fit the person. I know they say, “Buy what you would want for yourself,” but that doesn’t always work, from my experience.

I tend to buy book gifts at big-box bookstores. First, I’ll browse the sale section. Sometimes you can find really great stuff in there. If I don’t find something good, on to the regular shelves. Occasionally I’ll buy books online, but very rarely.You have to pay for the convenience in the ominous form of   Shipping and Handling  **cue scary music**!


3 responses to “Weekly Geeks: Making A List?

  1. my sister is older than me and the same age as you!!!

  2. Hey how is it going??????!!!!!!!
    where did you get the snow flakes????????????

  3. Allegra, thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree – I love to get gift cards, too. I’m usually more willing to take a chance on a book I don’t know much about if I’m purchasing with a gift card.

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