What A Gem!

Since my birthday is coming up this week, I thought I’d write a post that lists all the birthstones. Enjoy!

The garnet, my birthstone.

A birthstone is a gemstone assigned to a specific month. Below I’ve listed all of the months and their birthstones.

  1. January– garnet.
  2. February– amethyst.
  3. March– aquamarine.
  4. April– diamond.
  5. May– emerald.
  6. June– pearl.
  7. July– ruby.
  8. August– peridot.
  9. September– sapphire.
  10. October– opal.
  11. November– topaz.
  12. December– turquoise.

Gemstone.org, the website where I got the image, has lots of facts and pictures of these and many other stones, by the way!


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