Why “Harry Potter” is more than just a good series

Book 6 in the series, which I most recently finished re-reading.

Last month or so, my dad started reading the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling for the first time. I’d read the series once, but couldn’t resist joining him, forming our own little HP “book club.” I was amazed that I had forgotten how unbelievably good the series is– it completely outshines all of my other favorites. Even though I remembered what happened in all of the books, I could hardly put them down. I became immersed, frequently finding myself in dazes induced by rushing to finish an installment. I was certain I had become a fanatic anew when I started having Harry Potter dreams nearly every night. But what makes our favorite young wizard’s adventures so amazing? I’ve thought about this, and here are my conclusions.

Number one is, as simple as it sounds, JK Rowling’s skills as a writer. Her writing is sophisticated yet easy to read. Rowling could be writing about anything, and I bet I’d enjoy it.

Another big reason is how detailed the description of the Wizarding world is, from magical creatures and plants to the government and opposing views of different kinds of people. The magical community’s folklore and sayings, history, and rules of society have been flawlessly integrated.

Of course, the protagonist, Harry, is likable and human-seeming, not flat and perfect as main characters in so many other books are. The classic theme of the down-trodden underdog triumphing over evil is just as charming as ever, but definitely not tiring.

And I feel I have to say that it helps that I’m quite a fan of fantasy. It helps if you like the genre, certainly, but I feel that anyone could read and enjoy this most highly acclaimed and well-deserving series.


3 responses to “Why “Harry Potter” is more than just a good series

  1. You know what I love about those books? Reading the whole series for a second time, like you are doing right now, and finding out some foreshadowing for things to come, or just random information that is used on later books.
    Jk had everything well planned.

  2. I enjoy those books a lot too. I have read the series twice. I never got bored, the books just kept pulling me in. I have been hoping for my Hogwarts letter recently. But evedently it hasn’t came. (Turned 11 a several days ago.)


  3. Still waiting for it and I’m about to turn 20.

    Maybe I’m so smart I don’t even have to (:

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