The First Flowers of Spring

I know it technically isn’t spring yet, but it sure feels like it! All of the snow has finally melted, the weather is much warmer, and the birds are singing. But best of all, the first flowers are up! I decided to take a few pictures of both those that have bloomed and those that are just starting to push their way up…

The snowdrop is usually the first flower to bloom around here. We have a small patch under a tree in the front yard. I was so excited to see this one!

Pushing up from the ruins Old Man Winter has made of our front flower garden, these jaunty daffodil sprouts are soon to sport those beautiful blossoms.

And finally, some crocus sprouts pushing up under the hedge. Every year, I watch this spot for these spring classics. We have them in various locations around the yard, in purple, white, and yellow.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more spring flower updates!


3 responses to “The First Flowers of Spring

  1. I’m so jealous! Here in Michigan, we have a foot or more of snow on the ground. My plants are not even thinking of coming up for a month or two.

  2. Hi Allegra!
    The weather has been SO nice this past week! Today once Caroline and I got off of the bus I quickly changed into a t-shirt and shorts and headed back outside. It was very nice out, a change from our previous drab weather. I still have to look in the back of my house for the crocuses, I don’t think I’ve seen any yet. Weather like this makes me wish my pool was open (it would be good swimming weather if it was just a little warmer).
    p.s. The flowers all around your house are very beautiful once they all bloom (and those summer raspberries are very tasty!)…..

  3. Bonjour Allegra!

    I too am so excited to see the return of le printemps! I have had it with winter and the cold! I love to see the new greens poking their heads up. I was so surprised to look out and see some crocuses (or are they croci?) because I hadn’t realized things were sprouting. After the fabulous weekend, I noticed some people’s daffodils are just about to bloom. It seems a little early and I ‘m still cautious about believing that the warm weather is here!

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