Where did all the dots go?

If you’ve seen my Clustrmap widget in the sidebar lately, you’ll have noticed that all of the dots showing visitor locations have disappeared. This is nothing to worry about: it’s part of a yearly archiving process that prevents our maps from becoming a “red smear,” as many have said. The Clustrmaps team wipes clean our maps every year so they can start over, and stores a small image of the old map.

When you go to the map page (by clicking on the little map in the sidebar), you can view the small version of the map prior to archiving. Read more about the archiving process here— scroll down to the archiving information.

Also, I’d like to announce that this blog has recently topped 4,000 hits! Thank you, my loyal readers– thank you for all that you’ve done.

3 responses to “Where did all the dots go?

  1. Congratulations for having such an interesting blog, Allegra! Wow, 4000 hits is a wonderful number!
    I also have on my blog a Clustrmap, but don’t think it has that number of visits…

  2. Hello again Allegra,
    Thank you for your comment! In which part of the US do you live? I love mountains as well, but where I live (Buenos Aires, Argentina) there are no mountains.

  3. HI Allegra!
    Wow! 4,000 hits…Amazing!
    That’s awesome that you swim in homeschool… where do you swim? The YMCA?
    Did you notice the mild weather this morning and yesterday afternoon, it’s the buddings of spring!

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