Weekly Geeks 2010-09

Time for another Weekly Geeks post! This week, we’re asked to answer a few questions about authors. Are we more interested in the books themselves or the author? Do we read the blogs/websites of any authors? Do we find author interviews interesting? These are a sampling of the questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Usually, I’m more interested in the books than the author. Unless the author has a really interesting or inspiring backround, I usually don’t care much.If the book is good, I’ll read it, regardless of the author.

Because of this, I don’t tend to read many author’s blogs, but, for a while, I frequently checked Shannon Hale’s site. I still look at it occasionally, but not as often as I used to.

Overall, I’m just not all that interested in author’s backrounds. For me, it’s the book itself that counts.


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