“Blogosphere” makes the dictionary!

This announcement is rather belated, I admit it, but I just had to publish it! According to the World Almanac 2009, ‘blogosphere’ was added to the dictionary in 2008. Here’s the official definition:

blogosphere: all of the blogs on the Internet as a whole.

The other new words are:

  • air-kiss
  • air quotes
  • buzzkill
  • cyberterrorism
  • dark energy
  • data mining
  • docuseries
  • dwarf planet
  • edamame
  • fanboy
  • graphicacy
  • infinity pool
  • kiteboarding
  • malware
  • mediascape
  • mondegreen
  • netroots
  • photoshop [as a verb]
  • phytonutrient
  • podcast
  • pretexting
  • racino
  • regift
  • subprime
  • supercross
  • Texas Hold’em
  • udon
  • webinar
  • wiki 

One response to ““Blogosphere” makes the dictionary!

  1. Hi Allegra!
    How are you?
    Don’t you just love the weather right now?
    That’s awesome that blogosphere made the dictionary but I suppose it would have to with its growing use.

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