‘Here’s To Us’ is getting a makeover!

Faithful readers will notice that this blog’s look has changed significantly. It’s nothing to be alarmed about; I’m just be experimenting with the theme (what this blog looks like). ‘Here’s To Us,’ as suggested by the title, is getting a makeover.

I may or may not reach a final decision as to which theme I’ll choose. Perhaps I’ll just stick with the old one. But I’m eager to give this site a fresh new look– something expressive, fun, and reader-friendly.

Feel free to post feedback as to which themes you like or dislike. For this purpose, I’ll be posting whenever I switch a theme to see how I like it. Here are some screenshots to show the switch:

'Rounded,' this blog's original look.

'Bueno,' this blog's new look (for now).

 **Update:** …or not. I’ve let the decision sit overnight, and I’m sticking with my old theme. It has just the right personality, and can’t be improved. I apologize for the false alarm.


One response to “‘Here’s To Us’ is getting a makeover!

  1. Hahaha I love this theme as well! 🙂

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