A Bit of a Splurge

A recent trip to a bargain bookstore led me to bust the budget by buying five hardcovers. Luckily, they were on sale! They were all published a while ago, but in order to keep this blog’s “book talk” theme going, I’ll publish rants and ramblings about them, if not formal reviews. Here’s the list of my picks, plus a nifty slideshow of the covers.

  • Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
  • Ithaka by Adele Geras
  • The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones
  • The Ugly Goddess by Elsa Marston
  • Damosel by Stephanie Spinner

6/10/2010: Due to an issue I’m experiencing, I’m afraid the slideshow cannot be displayed at the moment. I promise I’ll try to rectify the problem. Thank you for your patience!


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