A rose by any other name…

Ah, the rose! What a flower! It is deceptively sweet: if you try to pick the beautiful bloom, you might get pricked by one of its thorns. Roses have inspired numerous folk songs (“My Wild Irish Rose,” for example, or “The Yellow Rose of Texas”), and have become an icon symbolizing love. The rose hips that appear on several varieties of the plant are edible.

These vivid pink summer roses appear climbing up my front porch every year.

When you think about it, one object can be many things. Can you think of anything, preferably something common and overlooked, that is really very important? Post a comment containing your thoughts on the subject if you wish.


2 responses to “A rose by any other name…

  1. Hello Allegra! I love your blog as well! I am a great book fan, and it seems you are too!

    I think that Toy Story 3 was darker that the first two. I saw it with my grandma and she said that she thought it would scare children into never wanting to give away their toys. Even as a 13 year old the scene at the junkyard was scary!

    I think that something very important that is overlooked everyday is light. We walk from room to room flipping on and off overhead lights and lamps. We open blinds in the mornings to let in sunlight and close them at night to keep in light. And we do it without a second thought. Though without out light, especially sunlight, life would be pretty difficult!


  2. Dirt. Something underfoot, trodden upon, resented for tracking into the house, despised when having to clean up the stuff, vilified in metaphor as to that which we need to rid from our lives. Yet, where would that rose, or any other plant, grow if not for dirt?

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