Weekly Geeks 2010-28

Wow- I haven’t posted a Weekly Geeks response in a long time! That makes this week’s question for Geeks perfect: we’re asked to revisit an old Weekly Geeks topic and write a post about. Browsing through the archives, I found a question I can’t believe I missed: Weekly Geeks 2010-22: Hoarding Behavior, Or, I Have a Problem.

I believe I have said this before: my library is to me as its treasure hoard is to a dragon. I love my books with all of my heart. I keep them strictly organized by author, dust them frequently to keep them shiny, and sometimes throw open the doors of my bookcase just for the pleasure of reading my collection’s spines. I do loan my books out to family and friends, but am cautious about it: once I let a friend borrow my copy of The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, and it came back horribly damaged. I was close to tears.

Above, my current library- I had to break it into two pictures (for shame, for shame, Allegra). As you can see, it’ll be needing a cleaning-out soon.

But, unfortunately, due to storage issues, I occasionally have to collect some of my beloved books to donate to the local library. Usually I perform this dreaded cleaning-out once or twice a year in order to make way for new arrivals.

My love of books extends far beyond my own personal library: the printed word itself is own of my main joys. It is for this reason that I am opposed to Kindle and Nook technologies. The written word has become so engrained in our culture and development that it is part of the essence of our humanity. Also, e-books and e-readers simply diminish the need for human interaction, only necessitating staring at a screen to obtain books. I can’t help but smile in approval when I see someone reading an old-fashioned paper book.

All of this may seem like fairly normal bibliophile behavior. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

The TBR Stack (cue scary music)

Even when I have a gigantic TBR stack of books I own (above), I can’t help but buy new books. And take books out of the local library. And borrow books from friends. Whenever I see a book I like, I have to read it, regardless of rational life organization skills. I am a book junkie (I even have a pin that says so!), and I have no restraint.


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