I’m back (and have nothing to say)

Well, I’m back from my “week’s vacation”; once I figured in the frenetic packing beforehand and the jet lag recovery time afterwards, the trip turned out much closer to two weeks. Sorry about that, readers. Now that I’m back, I feel it’s safe to say that I was in merry old England. This was my first ever trip “across the pond” (Atlantic Ocean, for the non-British types), and I had great fun. I loved touring the countryside, Cornwall was wonderful, and finally visiting Stonehenge was amazing, but I found London much too hectic for my liking. Have you ever tried taking the Underground at rush hour? Not fun at all.

A picture I took of Stonehenge; I'm loving that ponderous sky!

But, other than all that, I haven’t much to say. But I haven’t written a sufficient post yet! Hmm…if you’ll allow me to ramble a bit:

As usually happens with me, I caught a cold while abroad and am not feeling all that great. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon. That way, I’ll be able to go about my normal activities without having to stop every 30 seconds to blow my nose. But if I’ve caught a cold, it can only mean one thing…

Yes, Allegra’s favorite season is back at last. Autumn is coming up quickly, folks. I was delighted to hear the wintry howling of the wind in the trees today that I’d missed for so long. And with lunch today, I had the season’s first apple– delicious! Catchlines like “Special Halloween Issue” and “Your Ultimate Halloween Handbook” are starting to pop up on magazine covers. This is quite delightful, for me anyways. Now I just have to wait for the leaves to start changing.

Hey, I’ve managed to write a post after all! I guess the title isn’t relevant anymore…


2 responses to “I’m back (and have nothing to say)

  1. Autumn can be lovely. I like the change in the colour of the leaves before they fall and conkers. What I don’t like are the shorter daylight hours and the rain, which is a guarantee in the UK.

    They really should have something in London guidebooks for tourists about avoiding travel in the rush hour. I struggle with it sometimes – and I live here!

  2. Hi Allegra!
    I know, quite disappointing, since I’ve never actually been in a real hurricane before and I sort of was hoping for a small one. Next time I see you, you shall have to tell me all about England!
    Okay, I think I realize that I’m familiar-ish with the author now, since I’ve read Witch Child… She’s good!

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