What Type of Geek Are You? (via Embracing Insanity)

I ran into this on Embracing Insanity, one of my favorite blogs, today, and I know all of you will love it. Read on for a field guide to the multilayered land of geekdom. (In case you’re wondering, I’m a complicated crossbreed of Tolkienus Reverencia, Robertsmithus Resurgencia, and Mechanica Ahistoricus myself. I’d like to say I’m also into sci-fi, but neutron blasters give me a headache.)

What Type of Geek Are You? As legions of cosplayers start preparing for the 2012 spring/summer convention schedules, I’m reblogging a post written by Michael Saba for CNN’s Geek Out (originally to advertise Dragon*Con 2011, original version here) about the many levels of geekdom. I got a kick out of this, and maybe you will, too. When venturing out into the wooly, untamed wilds of geekdom, it can be difficult to keep all of the different fan genres and sub-genres straight. … Read More

via Embracing Insanity


3 responses to “What Type of Geek Are You? (via Embracing Insanity)

  1. Hi. I loved your Book Network post. I continued on the theme, giving you credit for the idea. You and your viewers may be interested in reading this:

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  3. Fascinating, not only that people identify with fictional characters, but make a hobby of displaying such admiration. I guess Trekies started this as a convention gathering, but I suspect that the phenomenon of identification goes back much further.

    I recall, growing up in the 1960’s, we children speculated on which character we would be in Giligan’s Island, or which kid on the Brady Bunch, or which spy in Mission Impossible. A generation before, children probably identified with the Green Hornet, the Whistler, Johnny Dollar, Mat Dillian, or maybe Jack Benny (well, not really).

    Enjoy, geekdom of the 21st century.


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