You never forget your first Doctor…

So they say. If the common saying emblazoned across the t-shirts and bumper stickers of Doctor Who fans everywhere is to be believed, Matt Smith crash-landing in little Amelia Pond’s backyard will forever be in my heart.

I think I need to back up a little. See, just a month ago, I was ignorant. Sure, I’d heard of Doctor Who, but I knew little to nothing about it, and I hadn’t seen any of it. Then I started to notice buzz in the blogosphere and pretty much everywhere else online– a new season of Doctor Who was coming! When I admitted to Miriam that I’d never seen Doctor Who, the response was immediate and clear: watch it. Unfortunately, something is messed up about my cable, ’cause I don’t get BBC America. I shrugged and decided this was one thing I’d have to miss.

Talking to fellow geek-types at my new school in the past two weeks, I’ve learned that I’m missing out on a lot. Everyone loves the Doctor. After receiving a crash course on Doctor Who from a friend during study hall (sorry, English homework), I promised that over the weekend, I’d watch at least one episode, through Netflix or OnDemand.

And did I ever.

I watched the first episode of Season 5. Perhaps I jumped in too far, but thanks to the talk at school, I managed to keep up pretty well. I’d gotten so pumped about finally seeing Doctor Who that I squee’d the minute I saw the Tardis.

It was love at first watch. Doctor Who and I were made for each other–it’s quirky in a very British way, science-fiction-y, incredibly far-fetched, and, above all, epic. I’m definitely watching the next episode of Season 5 next weekend.

So, what think ye of the Doctor?


8 responses to “You never forget your first Doctor…

  1. Me thinks Ive never seen an episode. I don’t get BBC America either. I watched the movie when I younger but never a TV episode. Guess I should go online and watch it.

  2. I’ve recently started watching the first season (of the new series, of course). It’s awesome. I suppose that makes my first Doctor the ninth. I love how Netflix has all the seasons on to watch instantly.

  3. Yess! Sorry, but I’m very glad to have partly influenced someone into getting hooked on DW. It’s awesome. Also Torchwood – series one was really good. The current series has rather lost its way, but series one is good.

  4. That’s almost exactly how I happened upon the doctor 🙂 I tried watching it for a few months before I found it on instant play on Netflix and jumped right in. I think it was season 31 I started on. Or season five. Either way it was the ninth doctor and I absolutely love him. Right now I’m waiting for the very, very, very first season to arrive in my mailbox. I’m way excited 🙂

  5. I fell in love with the same Doctor you did! And he will always be my favorite. I tried to watch past seasons and I simply had a hard time getting into it. It’s a strange feeling not seeing my favorite doctor. I want to re-try past seasons though. I have no doubt in my mind that the episodes will be just as amazing.

  6. I started watching Doctor Who on BBC America and then found it on Instant Play for Netflix. My first doctor was the ninth, but my favorite is the tenth doctor. The current doctor comes in a close second for me, and my favorite companions are Martha, Donna, Amy, and Jack. It should come as no surprise that I love Torchwood as well, but I don’t like how Children of Earth ended.

  7. The only Doctor Who I’ve ever watched is the seasons featuring David Tennant, who is my Doctor Who and who I will only recognize as Doctor Who. Have fun watching this stuff… (let me know what your fav episode is!! I have several…)

  8. I always wondered about Doctor Who. I’ll try it out. Thanks for the post! 🙂

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