Writing homework with one hand and a novel with the other

Hello, my dears. How have you been for these past, oh, ten days? I’ve been well, thanks. I wasn’t hit by a bus, abducted by space aliens, given the Dementor’s Kiss, or any similar untoward happening. I’ve just been busy–so busy, in fact, that the title of this post is almost not an exaggeration. Almost. I’m rather lacking in an extra hand with which to update the blog; I’ve been forced to finish up that dreaded HW quickly and put aside the novel in order to write this. Now that you’re aware of my circumstances, upwards and onwards with the post!

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Cassandra Clare’s bestselling young-adult urban fantasy series, The Mortal Instruments, is finally making it to the big screen in 2012–read movie info so far here. I’m almost done reading book one of the series, City of Bones, and am loving every minute of it. I already have a copy of book two, City of Ashes, waiting in the wings. It’s such a relief to see some non-sparkly vampires in YA literature these days. And it’s painfully easy to fangirl over that darned Jace Wayland. The only trouble is, I’m not sure if the movie, which will be called “The Mortal Instruments,” is about Book One only, or if it’s the entire series, condensed. As I wouldn’t want to slide into the theater having only read City of Bones and unwittingly have spoilers thrust upon me, I’m going to (or am going to try to, at least) hedge my bets and get the entire series read before seeing the film. If anyone happens to have insider information–Hey, any big Hollywood names following my blog?–that will ease my worries and prevent me from having to gulp down books at an unnatural pace, please, do tell. Not that I’m expecting much from my crew of bookworms, teenage writers, and coffee shop WiFi users–you’re just not in that deep with the filmmaking industry, unless I’m sadly mistaken.

Anyway, my current first-priority reading goal is to finish The Mortal Instruments series before the movie. I also need to make my way through all those books I bought at the going-out-of-business sale, breaking that up for all the hot new reads coming out this fall–Mastiff! Inheritance! The Son of Neptune! How am I supposed to keep up, whilst-and-at-the-same-time writing a novel and various other scraps, and attending my freshman year of high school? And that’s not even mentioning my aspirations to become a Tortall aficionado.

I’m going to ration my time. Since I’m such a Hermione Granger-ish type (though lately I feel more like Luna Lovegood), homework is my first priority, and then any other school-related activities, such as lit mag. Various other must-dos come next, and the remaining time will be divided amongst reading, writing, and blogging about both.

I somehow doubt I'll be smiling this much.



2 responses to “Writing homework with one hand and a novel with the other

  1. All the best with your novel!

  2. “Writing homework with one hand and a novel with the other” I tried this at work but advised me to stop.

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