Gadzooks! It’s the TARDIS!

Sorry about that. This post has absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who, UFO sightings, or any related paraphernalia. I just wanted to get your attention. Ahem…

As comments and view seem to be declining, I want to figure out what sorts of posts you all like best. Please vote below for your favorite type of post. (If you’re reading this via e-mail, you may need to go to the actual site to see the poll.)

Edit: Due to reader demand, I switched–again–the number of choices you can make. You can now vote for up to two.

I reserve the right to completely ignore the results of this poll.


5 responses to “Gadzooks! It’s the TARDIS!

  1. Well, you certainly got my attention.

  2. Why can’t I vote for more than one!? *is distressed*

    And your post title made me squee. Just thought you should know 😉

  3. Can you change the poll to multi answers?? I can’t choose just one!!

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