Why I Am a Complete Failure, and also, Why I’m Not

Just change around a few letters, and my November is summed up right here. I even wore a horned helmet once, but that’s another story.

This year, in lieu of NaNoWriMo, I came up with my own month-long writer-ly event: NaNoFiMo, or National Novel Finishing Month. I resolved to finish my current novel by the end of November. I was totally pumped; I was going to DO THIS THING. There was no possible way I wouldn’t win.

Long story short: I didn’t win.

I’m at least 5,000, if not 10,000, words short of finishing, which is an epic fail. Just when I thought I was drawing near to the climax, I went back through my first-draft notebooks and remembered that there was a whole bunch of important stuff that happened between my current point and the actual climax–and then after the climax, there’s an anticlimax of around two chapters. I panicked, leading me to not write much. Thus, I am a failure.

But this doesn’t mean I’m never going to finish The Novel! I’ve set another goal for myself–bear with me here. I’m going to finish it by the new year. At the very least I have winter vacation in which to write. I think–think–I can do it. In the fashion of many NaNoWriMo-ers, I’ll be updating you all along the way, whilst-and-at-the-same-time not revealing the title or any excerpts, because I’m that paranoid, and hopefully I won’t be using as many run-on sentences as I am in this post.

Oh! Right! I promised to tell you why I’m not a complete failure. *I shuffle forward shyly, clearing my throat.* Some of you may have heard this already from Teens Can Write Too!, but…a short story of mine was accepted for publication over at Black Lantern Publishing, and is scheduled to appear in the February issue of their online and print literary magazine. I’ll be sure to tell you all when the magazine is available, so you can read some lovely macabre fiction from your favorite blogger, because I am your favorite blogger, right? Right? Well, even if I’m not, I still encourage you to check out the current issue of BLP, and the future issue in which my work will appear.

A month full of fails and wins always makes for a nice combination, doesn’t it?


2 responses to “Why I Am a Complete Failure, and also, Why I’m Not

  1. You know, December actually is NaNoFiMo. I think… But the goal is 30k in that month to finish your novel. I’m sad that you weren’t able to this month.

  2. Hey, Allegra! I just nominated you for a blog award over on Novel Journeys! You can see it here: http://noveljourneys.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/liebster-both-a-german-word-and-a-blog-award/

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