A New Regime

There are going to be some changes around here.

This blog has changed so much since its birth about three years ago that I feel obligated to explain to the readership exactly what this place is even about. Quite a few of you found me through Freshly Pressed and are expecting humor columns; many of you landed here through book blog directories and are wondering where to find the reviews and giveaways. Still more of you came here from Teens Can Write Too! and want nice, well-constructed essays about the writing process.

I can’t please everyone all the time, but I can try my best. This is how things are going to work now.

  1. The posts you will find here will be about books and writing. Less often you’ll come across a post on nerd-friendly television or cinema, or perhaps a how-to here and there. Most of the things I write will be (intended to be, anyway) humorous or at least mildly entertaining, with the exception of book reviews. I have to take some things seriously.
  2. Unless there’s a major interference, like midterms or me falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon, there will be posts twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, starting this Saturday. Exceptions will be made for events such as the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain or taking part in an Internet movement or protest of some sort (the SOPA/PIPA blackout, for example, or Cover the Night for Kony 2012).
  3. Reader interaction is now encouraged! Instead of being high-and-mighty and ignoring comments, I’ll make an effort to reply from now on. Both old email addresses for this blog are now closed, but you can contact me through the magic of commenting or on Twitter. I’m not really that scary, so come on out and say “Salve!”

This information will be transferred to a new page to explain to new readers what precisely is going on around here. Not that I’m always entirely sure myself.


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