So, why did I move here, anyway?

I’m writing this in the last fifteen minutes or so before I have to leave for a local Homestuck cosplay convention, so please forgive my brevity and potential typing errors. Ah, nerd life.

I’m still recovering from the Great Blog Migration of earlier this week. It’s so…different. And I need to round up all my followers back at Here’s To Us. Despite the trials and tribulations, I’m overall glad I made the move. I just felt that “Here’s To Us” wasn’t fitting anymore–the blog’s premise changed over time, and eventually the title and matching URL just weren’t fitting anymore. Not to mention that it was entirely unoriginal.

It seemed a lucky strike that my name was still available as a WordPress URL. I figured that I might as well grab it while I can, stake my claim. I suppose you could say that, in my Slytherin way, I’m preparing for greatness before it comes. And it may never come–but it never hurts to be prepared. All in all, I just wanted a URL that could stay the same in the event I feel the need to change this blog’s title.

I just felt the need for a new start. That’s really the in-short version of the entire explanation. Big thanks to those of you who are choosing to stick around.


7 responses to “So, why did I move here, anyway?

  1. Reblogged this on Here's To Us and commented:

    Just another reminder to all my followers here that I have indeed permanently moved blogs and that you should come follow me here if you wish to continue receiving notification of new posts…

  2. I kinda liked the old blog, but this one’s fine too. Now you can have double followers! I should have thought of that…

  3. You’re lucky to have an unusual name like Allegra – I wanted, but found that it was taken. When I looked it up, it was, erm, pretty much a blank blog. Now that ALWAYS annoys me.
    By the way, did you know you can just change the URL of your blog? I guess it’s pretty much the same as making a new one, but I think it’s a bit easier. I’m not sure if you keep your followers, but I know your links etc cease to work.
    I’ve often thought about changing to miriam-joy, which is still around, but since my Twitter handle is ‘delorfinde’, and all variations of my name are taken on Twitter, I might as well have the two matching. It also fits with my Protagonize username, Elfwood username, and NaNoWriMo forums username, so people can find me 🙂

    • I suppose that is a benefit of having an unusual name! It makes up for all the times I was teased about “being named after the allergy medicine.” (I was actually named after Lord Byron’s daughter, but would they recognize that? Of course not.)
      I think ‘delorfinde’ is a fine URL–at least it matches all of your other usernames.

      • Yes, it’s just annoying if people ask me my blog address and then they can’t spell it and I have to find a piece of paper and write it down for them 😉
        Miriam is quite unusual among people of my age and background (though more common in Jewish cultures, I think, as it’s a Jewish name), but apparently ‘Miriam Joy’ isn’t. I probably should have stuck with my surname – at least I was the only one. But I just didn’t like it.

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