A Post About Nothing

Do you ever just sit down to post to your blog and all that you can write are dull sentences in the passive voice about pretentious gobbledygook that no one would want to read anyway? Today I feel that way, and I hope that any and all fellow-bloggers reading this can relate. Therefore, in order to avoid such a disaster, I am now setting out to write  a post about nothing.

I feel like this isn’t going to work. Even if I just flipped through a dictionary, picked random words and typed them up, some meaning would undoubtedly appear at some point. Here, I’ll demonstrate.

Signalize edition marimba congenial showboat checkerboard. Neurology sonorous compromise trounce blitz handspring; textured bauxite liberal arts hamlet. Rugby julienne disentangle shibboleth! Telemarketing gooseliver android.

Well, that was entertaining, although doubtless it will grow tiring after a few more sentences. But, to prove my point, it’s obvious that that was a paragraph about an advertising strategy for a musical board game involving robots, small, cultured towns, and competitive sports.

Hmm. This quest to write a post about nothing sure isn’t going too well. Does anyone have any ideas for how to remove the topics behind this post? No?  In lieu of that, I’ll ask a few arbitrary questions, and maybe we can start a discussion.

What is the best way to convince pop stars to consider grammar when composing lyrics?

Is Latin truly a dead language? Would it be possible for us to resurrect it for modern everyday use?

Do you think we should try to prove that chocolate is a necessity for mental health and therefore should be handed out for free?

Should scientists be focusing more energy on time travel or dinosaur cloning?

What do you think of fandoms dividing among themselves? (For example: Harry Potter fans by Hogwarts House, Homestuck fans by god tier title, or fans of anything by “Team ____” in terms of love triangles.) Is it beneficial, or does it just create hard feelings?



10 responses to “A Post About Nothing

  1. Firstly, if you can get the grammar to fit within the tune, perhaps you could persuade one or two people. However, since most grammar involves seemingly superfluous syllables that you can’t fit into the music, anything superfluous will be thrown out. Also, it might just be how pop stars speak. You never know.
    Secondly, if you’re talking about resurrecting Latin, then yes, it’s dead; you cannot resurrect anything that still lives. However, you would have a chance at making Latin popular if you were to, say, incorporate it into everyday life. Perhaps, instead of persuading pop stars to use correct grammar, you ought to get them to sing in Latin. Of course, they’ll complain that they sound like a bunch of monks.
    Thirdly, it’s a nice idea, but no one would go for it unless you stuck a bunch of mumbo-jumbo in your essay. Perhaps Latin could be used there… Once people got over their fear of getting fat through it, and the scientists were sufficiently baffled by your bilangual presentation, the general public would go for it with gusto. Unfortunately, it would promote widespread obesity “in the pursuit of knowledge”.
    Fourthly, time travel would be a more practical and more beneficial pursuit than cloning extinct lizards who would probably kill us immediately after our success. But, using the basic principles of a time paradox, the fact that no one has appeared from the future and given us the necessary tools to build a time machine automatically guarantees the failure of such an endeavor. It’s doomed to failure, in other words. Focus on cyrogenics instead; perhaps that could count as a form of forward time travel. One way ticket only, unfortunately.

    • Sometimes I find myself convinced that pop stars speak without any regard to the laws of grammar all the time. Why else would they insist on committing such atrocities in their music as spelling “tasty” as “t-a-s-t-e-y”?
      Ah, yes, you caught a slip in my wording. Perhaps “revived” is a better term to use if I am including the debate about whether or not Latin is dead in the question. I like your idea of getting the pop stars to sing in Latin–then they could be grammatically correct and be displaying a proper classical education at the same time! If performers who sing in Spanish, French, and German can be popular with an American audience, why not those who sing in Latin?
      Hmm. You’re right. The chocolate idea rather goes against the Greek philosophy of “sound mind, sound body.” Maybe we should include a proposal to hand out free copies of “Just Dance” along with the chocolate to promote exercise as well as consumption of everyone’s favorite cure-all. This is really going to start costing taxpayers.
      While I agree that time travel, overall, is a more worthy pursuit than Jurassic Park-like experiments, I must disagree on your point that any attempts at producing a time machine are doomed to failure. I’ll take a Doctor Who-esque stance on the issue: maybe it won’t be humans who invent time travel, but rather aliens from the future and/or the past who introduce it to humanity. That would entail either a lot of waiting or a focus on space travel/communication on our part. Of course, there are inherent risks that come with such endeavors. There’s always the possibility that we’ll accidentally come in contact with beings far superior to ourselves and that this interaction will lead to the annihilation of the human race. Maybe we should just stick with cryogenics for now.

      • I told my brother about the time travel thing, and he postulated that perhaps time travel would render the subject ineffectual– invisible, intangible, basically not there. Unfortunately, that means that the same type of travel could be accomplished by just a simulator, or with a system of taking memories and making them as if the subject is reliving them. And that isn’t time travel.
        And I still hold my ground; even if aliens were to introduce time travel mechanics to our society, they would have done it before now. They wouldn’t have to wait for us to be able to contact them; with their technology, the space travel machinery along with time travel machinery, they could choose any time they wished for introducing time travel to the human race. Of course, they could be waiting for a time when human civilization has become a little more civilized, and that could explain why we haven’t heard from them yet. But nevertheless, I think it’s doomed. Doom, doom doomdoomdoomdoomdoom!

      • I would be inclined to think that if there was indeed any form of alien life out there willing to contact us and introduce time travel technology to us, they wouldn’t want to do so at this point in human history.
        But doom is a fun word to say. So all of it shall lead to doom!

      • I’m going to be writing a post on what would happen if aliens actually did come to earth later in the week, after my TCWT post. History shall repeat itself.

      • By the way, the best way I’ve found to revive the Latin language is to use it in everyday conversation. It requires nothing more than normal literacy and just a tiny bit of memorization of the phrase in question.

  2. I just have to say that this post title made me laugh!

  3. This happens to me just about every time I write a post!!! This is now my favorite post on your site!!

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