I Am Burdened With A Glorious Award

Specifically, the One Lovely Blog Award.

The Rules

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you.
  2. You must tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. You must nominate 15 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated.

Thanks to Liam, Head Phil for the kind nomination! He’s stuck with this blog for a long time, through the URL move, through debates in the comments section, and through a lot of stupid filler posts. I don’t think I ever express how grateful I am, not only to Liam, Head Phil, but to all my other readers and friends. So thank you.

Here are my Seven Facts.

  1. There is a sign on my bedroom door from Yellowstone National Park that warns against stampeding bison.
  2. I like to collect feathers. The prize piece of my collection is a completely intact crow feather I found in the cemetery.
  3. I’m currently reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark.
  4. If I reach out to the left, the first thing I’d touch is my clock. To the right, the first thing I’d touch is my bookcase.
  5. My friends insist that I’m adorable. I refuse to accept this adjective.
  6. I hate tomatoes.
  7. My best final average in school this year was in English. My worst was in chorus.

Now for the nominations. Fifteen blogs is a tall order, and Liam, Head Phil (I will never, ever just call him Liam) has already nominated most of the TCWTers. In addition, I’m writing this post in advance, as I will be busy on Tuesday and Wednesday, and therefore unable to notify nominees in a timely manner.  Feel free to throw rotten fruit at me, but just this once, I’m going to be abominably lazy and pull the good old “if you’re reading this and want the award, it’s yours” card. I can always chalk it up to generosity, because all of your blogs certainly are lovely.


4 responses to “I Am Burdened With A Glorious Award

  1. So many see it as impossible to nominate fifteen people… *sighs* Perhaps I should just stop getting awards.
    Thanks for the link, and I’d encourage you in your effort never to call me Liam. WE MUST NEVER FORGET: I AM THE HEAD PHIL!

  2. What sort of a subject is ‘chorus’? O.o
    Oh, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell! I read that a couple of years ago and really liked it. Unfortunately I don’t remember much and it was my sister’s (she’s now moved out). I’ll have to see if my local library has it so I can re-read it.

    • It’s not really a subject, per se, which is why it’s pretty silly that it was my lowest grade. There were absolutely no objective assessments all year. Oh well.
      So far I’m really enjoying Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell! It definitely seems worth re-reading.

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