Stories Are Everywhere, And It’s Driving Me Mad

It’s time for the Teens Can Write Too blog chain! The prompt for the month was:

“How has writing changed your perception of the world?”

Being a writer, at least in my experience, is a constant collection of thought. Whether you’re in the actual process of writing or not, you’ll be thinking about stories: characters, plot twists, bits of humor, tragic points…Anything that you put in a story will be on your mind one way or another. Usually, I’ll be untangling writing-related issues in my head, so even if I didn’t write that day, I feel like I worked on my novel or short stories. Consequently, I’m often a rather distracted person in my day-to-day life, and it’s easy for me to slip away from the present time and place and into the writing world.  Sometimes all of these problems I’m working on build up on my head like water behind a dam, and I’m forced to ramble at an innocent bystander until they feel they’ve been bludgeoned by my writing issues.

Just as often as I retreat into my own head, however, I turn to the outside world and open up to it. I mentally filter through everything, albeit subconsciously, searching for things that would make a suitable element of a story. News stories, people at work, school, and on the street, dishes in restaurants, music played in stores and people’s cars–all of it has a few nuggets of good story material. In order to make sure nothing interesting gets lost in the dregs of my memory, I maintain a daily journal in which I record my most notable experiences and observations. I frequently read my journals from years ago entry by entry, bringing back old memories and long-dead emotions, and with them, fresh story ideas. An adverse effect of this is that it’s sometimes very difficult for me to let go of the past; my entire experience on this planet has been mixed into one big slurry from which I can pick and choose sparks of inspiration. However, it’s impossible for me to look at it objectively, and I’ve learned about the truth behind the stereotype of the tormented writer.

I tend to pay more attention to my everyday habits and activities. How does the water feel in the shower? How strong is the tugging of my hair as I’m brushing it? Do I really like how this cereal tastes? What’s running through my head as I check my inbox, my Twitter, etc.? All of these things that I usually disregard might come in handy for a scene in a later piece. I try to see how written descriptions would translate to real life scenarios, and vice versa. It’s funny how writing has made me both live inside my head and make me pay closer attention to my surroundings.

The most profound change that writing has wrought upon my being is purely internal. Writing forces me to imagine things that I never have and perhaps never will personally experience. It’s made me grow up. I’ve had to acknowledge nasty truths about the world that otherwise, I’d probably like to ignore. Writing has made me go through and has helped me with various personal battles that I won’t go into now. Overall, I feel that writing has made me a more interesting, complex person, even if I am a bit crazy.

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8 responses to “Stories Are Everywhere, And It’s Driving Me Mad

  1. *thumbs up* That’s about all I can say.

  2. So you spend more time in your head, and yet you observe the real world better. Nice post!

  3. Your posts are always so good. I agree completely, especially with that last paragraph. Great topic, BTW. 🙂

  4. Great post! I really liked this sentence: “It’s funny how writing has made me both live inside my head and make me pay closer attention to my surroundings.” Yep.

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