Another Squandered Summer…Sort Of

Oh, horror of horrors, school starts for me this week. I could have sworn that it was June just a little while ago, but isn’t that always how it goes? It’s easy to lose track of time when you spend most of your time indoors avoiding face-to-face interaction, and frankly, I shouldn’t be surprised that this summer was just a blur of blogging, reading, and writing. It’s all I do with my spare time, and summer is nothing but two and a half months of exactly that.

I’m really not that cut up about returning to school this week. Funnily enough, the less writing time I have, the more writing I actually do, so I’m at my most productive all around during the school year. Maybe it’s because I’m aware of how little time I have, and with that time pressure on the brain, I’m motivated to actually write rather than scroll aimlessly down Twitter and Tumblr. Also, being around other people all the time and learning new things fuels the creative side of the brain–no amount of solitary rumination could replace being out in the world for getting ideas. The ramifications for my writing aside, I’ve always liked school (feel free to throw fruit) so I’m happy to be getting back.

Still, this summer wasn’t my most productive. I can look back at it with a good measure of regret. I would never call it a wasted summer, though: I’ve accepted that I’m officially through my sword-and-sorcery phase and that multiple rewrites of my novel of that ilk wrung my enthusiasm for it dry. Writing had turned into a chore. I’ve decided to put that novel aside for the moment and concentrate on some fresh, new works, all of which I’m very excited about and will be working on throughout the school year.

Overall, I’m poised and ready to take on the rest of 2012 and beyond. For those of you who are still students, how does school interfere with your writing? For everyone, what are your end-of-summer reflections?


7 responses to “Another Squandered Summer…Sort Of

  1. School starts for me next week and I am not looking forward to it. Although I no longer have to do any science and maths (the joys of being a sixth former) and I don’t have to wear a skirt any more, I find school incredibly tiring and time consuming. I get ideas from my head and being around other people just wears me out, being as introverted as I am, so… :/ It’s not school so much that takes all my time but all the extra curricular activities that go along with term time – ballet, music, archery, etc. Often my only writing time is at lunchtimes.

    • I see. I don’t participate in many, if any, extra curricular activies, so, homework aside, my afternoons are free. Usually my head can generate its own ideas, but after a particularly long-seeming summer, I really need a change of routine.

      • I seem to have a kind of … disorder where it seems like a good idea to agree to be in music groups and to sign up for archery classes and to take more and more ballet lessons even though I am already cutting into sleep in order to write and work. Basically I do too much.

      • I’m the type of person who’s cautious about signing up for anything. I tend to be very protective of my free time.

  2. Personally, I’m not getting the whole Ugh-school-is-starting-and-i-don’t-want-to-go-back-to-school-because-my-summer-is-sadly-over…..because I started on the 6th of August. Also, it seems that I have something in common with you, that I seem to write more during the school year. My summer posting schedule had a few kinks in it (mainly, I was forgetting to post. Oops.) Oh well. Good luck with school…….

    • Wow, that seems like a pretty early back-to-school date to me! Sorry about that.

      • Well, truthfully, it’s not too bad, as it’s a year-round sort of thing, so we get longer fall, winter, and spring breaks. Of course, when I move to high school next year, I will be having the same thoughts as the “normal” school schedule people….

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