A Few Plugs, An Announcement, and Related Vaguely Fascinating Miscellany

I’m officially back in school now, and so far, everything is going swimmingly. Unfortunately, I’ve been rather neglectful of my blogging duties, and my ever-deteriorating blogging schedule is in shambles. Suffice it to say that, at the moment, you can reasonably expect one post per week, probably over the weekend.

I have been busy with a few other projects you may be interested in, though. I recently wrote a guest post for Visibility Fiction,  LGBTQ Characters in YA and Why They Matter. I usually don’t blog about my moral views here, but if you’re interested in that, I point you to that article. Visibility Fiction as a whole is a really awesome project that focuses on and supports young adult literature featuring so-called minority characters. They also have a great interest in encouraging young writers. VisFic is an up-and-coming project that deserves every ounce of support it gets.

Over at Teens Can Write Too!, we have a relatively new side blog on good ole Tumblr, so if you’re a Tumblr person, be sure to follow us there. Also, sign-up for the TCWT September blog chain is wide open–you can join here.

I’m afraid that’s about it for now. From this point onward, you can expect longer, well-thought-out posts, just much less often.



3 responses to “A Few Plugs, An Announcement, and Related Vaguely Fascinating Miscellany

  1. Thanks for the VisFic link. It sounds like a great site, and I will definitely check it out.

  2. Thanks for the VisFic plug, Allegra. You’re piece is fantastic, and has triggered some really interesting conversations with some of my friends. I also just bought “Beauty Queens” – looks wicked.

    One post a week sounds good to me! You are a blogging machine.

    … can someone please explain Tumblr to me? I got one once… and didn’t understand. :S

    • Hmm. I’m not too good with explanations, so maybe someone can help me out here? Essentially, you follow blogs that post things you’re interested in, and all of those blogs’ posts (usually pictures, videos, audio, or short text posts) appear on your dashboard, with the latest additions at the top. When you reblog a post from your dashboard, it appears on your blog and on your followers’ dashboards, so the posts are “tumbling” from blog to blog–I assume that’s how the site got its name.

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